The Reason as to Why the Dynamic Character Is Important in a Story

Normally a dynamic character is one that is responsive to change throughout the story. The dynamic character and static character are on two different sides. Normally a static character will not change in the story even is the events changes. There are some things that make the dynamic character to change. For instance if the dynamic character meets a certain challenge the character will therefore change. , On the other hand, the dynamic character will change due to variation in the time leading to growing up. It should be noted that the writer will make the dynamic character to understand a certain principle that is within the character and this will contribute to change. This website tries to highlight the character traits of the dynamic character. The reasons as to why the writer chooses to have a dynamic character in the story have been explained below.

One of the roles that the dynamic character plays is to make the story to progress effectively. Many are the writers who employ the role of the dynamic characters for the continuation of the story. Most of the stories are based on different times with different things happening. Again, the story can be based on a certain life-changing event, and therefore a dynamic character becomes necessary. Most of the writers tend to use the dynamic character in the story, as they want the need for the story to come out clearly. Just picture in mind the story that is changing and the characters are static. For instance if time changes, the character is expected to change may be from a young one to an adult. There are those stories that start with the main character being a boy and the end of the story the character is old enough. The good thing about having such a character is that the story will have a flow.

The other reason as to why the writer may choose to work with a dynamic character is to express a certain meaning. It should be noted that books are written to express certain themes. Normally when the writer chooses to describe the need for a father then the charter used will portray a father. It should be noted that the writer might employ the character being a boy to discuss the importance of boys. The writer will develop the boy to a father and shows the roles to be played by a father. The author may opt to change the father to an elder to explain the roles of the elders.

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