The Internet has created a perfect opportunity for many businesses grow very quickly by reaching huge numbers of customers. Doing business online has also presented some challenges regarding payment methods. Even the simplest vendor cannot grow if they only accept checks or limited types of credit cards. If companies are going to thrive, customers must be able to pay any way they want, no matter where they are located. With that in mind, businesses like BlueSnap now offer an integrated payment platform that solves these problems and provides added benefits.

Merchants Can Safely Accept a Variety of Payment Types

An integrated payment gateway with one merchant account allows any merchant to reach out to banks that process payments all over the world. A single gateway also makes it possible for merchants to offer secure mobile and online checkout. The software lets users create multi-party payment platforms in marketplace environments where buyers pay sellers directly. Growing businesses are even able to set up invoicing and subscription payment arrangements.

Businesses Boost Their Revenue

Payment platforms include sophisticated reporting features that allow merchants to boost revenue by tracking data like conversion rates and sales intelligence. The systems provide analytics that allow users to identify areas that need improvement. Payment systems make it simple for users to quickly identify and adjust to changing trends. Platforms also include fraud protection that helps merchants reduce losses. Software analyzes and identifies fraud in real time. This added protection allows businesses to grow because they are able to safely accept more payments from more customers.

Companies Can Expand Globally

Integrated payment platforms make it simple for businesses to sell to clients anywhere in the world. Payment gateways allow merchants to vary accepted payment types to match the regional and cultural needs of clients all over the globe. Even the smallest companies can accept payments from shoppers who use payment methods like Skrill, Paysafe, NETS, Alipay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Giropay. Gateways cover 100 currencies, 29 languages, and 180 countries.

Today small businesses often grow with the help of integrated payment processing systems. The software allows merchants to accept range of payment types from customers all over the world. Payment software also provides valuable merchant reporting data and fraud protection that helps users reduce losses.